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Dispensaries in Spain

Best private clubs to smoke marijuana in Spain

Welcome! We are a web application created with the goal of listing the best cannabis clubs, CBD dispensaries, and Grow Shops. We want to facilitate finding information about cannabis to grown ups that are allowed to consume products derived from cannabis by their respective countries. At we gather information about cannabis such as news, reports, directories and city maps (such as Madrid and Barcelona), events, marijuana medicinal uses, science, etc.

We would like to promote responsible medicinal consumption of marijuana products, and access to related educatinal resources. We do not distribute, or dispense, any product derived from cannabis. Under no circumstance promotes the consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics, and/or psychotropic substances. We are also not resposible for the opinions or contributions from our contributors.

Highlighted cannabis clubs

We are working hard to create new content...

We are working hard to create new content...